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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing army reserve retirement guide

Instructions and Help about army reserve retirement guide

Hello and welcome this is Chuck Holmes creator of part time commander comm and in today's video I want to talk to you about when to retire from the military this is a question that just about every soldier deals with at some point or another no one is gonna stay in the military forever even if you love the army at some point you're gonna want to retire at the 20 or 30 year mark and knowing when to retire is really a very important decision a lot of people mess this up they stay in too long they lose their combat effectiveness and they really do nothing but take up space I call them dead weight now there are some people that can perform at a very high level for a very long time they add value to the army and their organization and obviously it's cool that they stay in it's a good thing so here are really seven questions or seven things you should ask yourself and ask your family before you make the decision to retire number one do you still enjoy it do you still wake up every day and get excited about putting on the uniform serving your country and leading soldiers and I always tell people if you don't enjoy it if your heart's not in it please just get out soldiers deserve people who want to be there who want to make a difference they deserve leaders who care who have the heart and I want to be a military leader number two are you still effective are you still good at your job are you still adding value to the organization or are you dead weight that's doing nothing but taking up space and keeping someone else from being promoted what do you peers think about you what does your boss think about you so are you still able to do your job and do it well number three let's talk about the financial aspect have you calculated what your pension will be have you put aside money for retirement do you still need your monthly check to survive or would your retirement check plus a different job still give you a good quality of life or a good standard of living number four what about your family what do your kids think what is your wife or your husband think are they ready for you to move on are they still excited and pumped up that you're serving your country in the military have a conversation with them and see where they stand and see what see what their thoughts are number five how about your health this is another thing a lot of soldiers mess up don't stay in until your body is completely broken so that when you retire you can't even function and do anything else if you're at the 20-year mark and you still have good health it might be in your best interest.


Would the son or daughter of a general get treated nicely by drill instructors in boot camp?
Depends, while in the Nam we had an 18E in the Mobile Strike Force which required almost continuous enemy contact. I received a message from our higher headquarters to have SGT Pendergast sent to Can Tho and then report to the American Embassy as requested by his father. We were like who the hell is your old man. He was really upset and said damn he found me. His father was the Under Secretary of Defense and was visiting the Nam. He requested to see his son. This guy had a ticket to a soft assignment to a nothing job but instead he enlisted went Airborne and completed Special Forces Training Group (now called the Q Course). He requested the 5th Group and a dangerous assignment. After he returned from Saigon he was kept in the rear.The guy had huge steel balls, he just wanted to be one of the guys. This left only one commo guy on A-401 and a month later he was WIA in the head but survived and was sent home. This was when I got my wish to be sent to an A-Camp. I took this photo while he was waiting to leave for Saigon.he told me two stories when he used his influence. He said that his 2LT in AIT was a really cool guy and he asked him what would be his dream job. The 2LT responded with Embassy duty in London. His orders arrived before the AIT training was completed.While going through Jump School. Every morning the trainees would ground their equipment while in formation prior to the start of the day’s training. Equipment like hats, jackets and TA-50. One day when he returned his equipment along with five other trainees equipment was missing. The 1SGT told the six that they would have to sign a Statement of Charges which meant that the cost of the items would be taken out of their pay. Pendergast told the five not to sign because it wasn’t their fault the items were missing. The 1SGT stood in front of him and gave him a direct order to sign. Again he refused and the 1SGT took him in to see the Captain. The Captain gave him a direct order and again he refused. Then he requested to make a phone call to clear up this mess. They aloud the phone call. He said that he called his father and explained what had happened. Then he held the phone toward the Captain but said “be careful what you say the man on the phone is my father the Undersecretary of Defense. He said the Captain stood up and all that came out of his mouth was a series of ‘yes, sir!’
How would retirement pay work going from Army Reserve to Active Duty?
For one thing, you begin collecting Reserve retired pay at age 60 not 63 and collect as early as age 55 if you have been mobilized after 2021. You can deduct 3 months from age 60 for every 90 days mobilized or deployed since 2009.Any active duty time like AIT, basic training and any annual training performed will adjust your basic active service date, so that does count towards your 20 year retirement active duty retirement.Your weekend drills days gets added on the back end after you have completed 20 years of active federal service (AFS). 48 drills (4 points per weekend drill) x 3 year is about 5 months roughly, so retire with 20 years afs, they would pay you for 20 years 5 months of service.The 3 years od reserve time counts for longevity raises. E4 over 4 years, etc.
How do I get out of army reserve?
Well, you could just run, and never look back. Keep going. Forever. Well, for a little while at least.The real question is why can't you make one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year part of your life? Thats only 170 days out of the year, and I'd be surprised if that were the actual schedule.Anyways, that gives you another 195 days a year to do what ever you want. Lol.(Incase you missed it, that's the most polite way I know how to say ‘suck it up’).
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