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FAQ - USCG CG-4700

What is the purpose of USCG CG-4700?
USCG CG-4700's primary mission is to provide surveillance and assessment services over the waters of the continental USA. USCG CG-4700, an Air Warfare Center helicopter, has a four-year, 18 million life-cycle development contract. Who will operate the CG-4700 aircraft? The CG-4700 helicopter will be operated by the USCG's Marine Aviation Division and the Marine Corps Air Station in Whittier, Calif. The CG-4700 helicopter was selected in a competition to replace two legacy helicopters currently used by USCG in this mission. I have a question regarding USCG CG-4700's operations.
Who should complete USCG CG-4700?
Note: If you complete this course, it cannot be transferred to another helicopter or airframe. Course Overview USCG CG-4700 is the first in the newly-formed U.S. Coast Guard Helicase course series, which focuses on advanced aviation knowledge and technique. The course focuses on topics that will assist helmsmen in the performance of their jobs on a wide variety of Coast Guard platforms. This course introduces the student to the following topics: • Helicopter operations • Flight envelope concepts • Airframe technologies • Fuel, lubricants, and corrosion control systems • Aircraft design and maintenance • Aircraft maintenance • Marine helicopter operations • Marine helicopter flight characteristics • Marine helicopter mission concepts • Marine helicopter airframes • Naval shipboard helicopters • Marine-aircraft transportation • Marine helicopter aircraft design Course objectives: • Learn to safely operate an aircraft in the U.S. Coast Guard's operational environment • Understand the characteristics of maritime safety hazards, including maritime traffic, weather, aircraft, and Coast Guard • Demonstrate proficiency in airframe and propulsion technologies • Demonstrate proficiency in aircraft design and maintenance • Demonstrate proficiency in aircraft maintenance • Demonstrate proficiency in Marine helicopter operations • Demonstrate proficiency in marine helicopter mission concept • Demonstrate proficiency in marine helicopter airframes Course Requirements • Be 14 years of age or older at completion of the course. • Be competent in understanding and speaking the English language.
When do I need to complete USCG CG-4700?
The USCG CG-4700 is designed as an instrument for tracking large-deck vessels. Because of its large size, large area measurement, and large-scale projection, the CG-4700 must be used at sea only. The CG-4700 is NOT designed for use in the harbor. You will not be notified if you are no longer needed for use in the harbor. Please take this into account when considering taking your CG-4700 on a trip or when the time comes to decommission. Who are the requirements for using the CG-4700? We recommend the following individuals complete the USCG CG-4700: Clerks. See the instructions on how to use the CG-4700 at the bottom of this page. Law enforcement. See the instructions on how to use the CG-4700 in the law enforcement section of this page. The U.S. Coast Guard. See the instructions on how to use the CG-4700 to help the Coast Guard identify your vessel in an accident. What is the use of the CG-4700, and why is it needed? A large deck-mounted buoy marks vessels and identifies them on the navigation map. This helps the USCG locate an approaching vessel without the need to manually draw the vessel's position on the map. If a boat, pier, dock, or vessel-of-war is encountered, the USCG CG-4700 will mark the vessel on the map, so they can be found. The CG-4700 is particularly useful when: You have a large vessel-of-war. It is not possible to manually draw the position of a boat or pier on the chart. The “CG-4700” is the only means of drawing a boat or pier on the chart. You have a large vessel-of-war and a small vessel. In a large deck-mounted buoy you don't know how close you are to the marked vessel. You need to quickly determine the position of a large vessel. If you had the boat, pier, dock, or vessel of war marked on the chart, and you have the CG-4700, you are able to quickly determine its position to see if it turns around. If you know the boat has turned around, you can call the USCG to see exactly what the other vessel is doing before contact is made.
Can I create my own USCG CG-4700?
Yes, we are currently offering several types of USCG CG-4700CG models as well as custom CG-4700CG's, for you to select. These options include full body models, and a custom models. For full body models, please select one of the options below when filling out our custom request form. If you require a custom model we have also placed these at a lower cost level. Please see our Pricing Options section for more information. Below you will find an example of our full body model.
What should I do with USCG CG-4700 when it’s complete?
Once CG-4700 is complete, any data from CG-4800 should be transferred to USCG CG-4700, and it’ll be possible to compare USCG CG-4700 with CG-4800 information as soon as it can be produced. When should I expect an update to CG-4900? If this is the last update to CG-4900, the current release will be sent to CG-4800. We do not expect CG-4900 to be updated until October 15, 2016. How should I prepare for updating CG-4700’s record(s)? Contact your local USCG Records and Identification Division. There is a 2.00 fee per title (title number-plate) to cover printing and mailing. The form is available here: CG-4900-H How should I prepare the CG-5999 record? The same instructions for preparation for a CG-37 record apply to updating a CG-5999 record. Does USCG have any special requirements? No.
How do I get my USCG CG-4700?
Please follow this link for specific ship-to-ship service for USCG: Shipment Information The shipment can be picked up at the dock at the Port of New England, on the same day or a day or two after the shipment is delivered. For details on pick up, please visit: Shipment Information Is the ship-to-ship service available all year long? Yes, it is! Ship-to-ship service is available in both January and June. Shipments are made during the off season between Memorial Day (the last Sunday in May) and Labor Day (the last Monday in September). (Note that when shipping containers to your local port, some customs regulations may require the container to be inspected within 24 hours of delivery.) You can see which ship-to-ship services are available for a particular destination by going to the Service Status tab (in My USCG). You can also check these services at Once a ship-to-ship ship arrives at your local port, if the service has been performed, the owner is required to notify the USCG, ship a photo and complete a form. See the Ship-to-Ship Ship Transfer FAQ page for more information. To complete a USCG CG4700, please contact our New England Shipping Department (see Contact Us section above). In what containers are the containers shipped? The majority of the USCG CG4700 is shipped in “ship-to-ship” containers as defined in the IATA Convention, except the Folding Boat and Watercraft sections. These items are not eligible for USCG CG4700. (Folding Boats have built-in capacity that allows for their own storage.) What is the weight limit for these containers? All containers require an export license to be filled. You can see the size and weight of the containers by clicking on the container or a close-up photo on the Ship Photo page at Note that although USCG CG-4700s do not require an export license, the containers generally must be properly exported prior to being stored and used. For more information, check out the Export Services section of our Help page.
What documents do I need to attach to my USCG CG-4700?
If your primary vehicle was manufactured in or after 1982 and sold in the US before July 27, 1989, then you must provide a copy of your purchase order, or other evidence of the date of your new vehicle's sale, such as your sales receipt, tax notice, title, bill of sale or other document. If your vehicle is registered to a foreign vehicle inspection station, you must provide documentation verifying the inspection station's approval before we'll allow you to import your vehicle into the U.S. If the vehicle is a salvage title, then the owner or operator must provide documentation verifying the salvage title is properly registered to you. If your vehicle is a used vehicle that is in its original or a modified form of original manufacturer's condition, then you must provide an Original Manufacturer Disclosure Statement (ODDS) from the original vehicle manufacturer. If the vehicle is a used vehicle that is in its original or a modified form of original manufacturer's condition, then you must provide an Original Manufacturer Disclosure Statement (ODDS) from the original vehicle manufacturer. If your vehicle is a salvage title, then the owner or operator must provide a Certificate of Title Inspection from the vehicle's previous owner proving the vehicle meets all requirements for registration. It may be difficult to get this from the current owner. If the vehicle is a salvage title, then the owner or operator must provide a Certificate of Title Inspection from the vehicle's previous owner proving the vehicle meets all requirements for registration. It may be difficult to get this from the current owner. If they have recently purchased the vehicle, the vehicle inspection station must provide any current inspection records (within the 3-year period preceding the inspection date) to you that are not on the vehicle's title. If they do not have those inspection records, the inspection station must provide you with a current listing or list of inspection stations currently licensed to perform vehicle inspections in the state. You'll need to be able to supply such a list.
What are the different types of USCG CG-4700?
CG-4400-CG-4600-- ---CG-4400-CG-4700-- ---CG-4400-CG-4700P-- ---CG-4500-CG-4200P-- ---CG-4400-- ---CG-4700 ---CG-4900-- ---CG-4701 ---CG-4700p ---CG-4400-CG-4600P---CG-4400-CG-4700P---CG-4400-----CG-4700---CG-4900-----CG-4701---CG-4700p---CG-4400-CG-4600P---CG-4400-CG-4700P [CD 86-08-05, RED 88-02-04].
How many people fill out USCG CG-4700 each year?
Since 2010, the Federal Government has allowed the U.S. Coast Guard to use the CV-4700 to assess the safety of the nation's shipping traffic. In the years since the agency started using these models, over 150,000 ships have passed through the USCG CG-4700. Since 2011, the Federal Government has begun to replace its aging models of CG-4700s with the newer and safer CG-6000 models; this will reduce the cost of this program and improve performance. Why did the U.S. Coast Guard build this type of vessel? The USCG CG-4700 is a proven model that has proven itself in numerous sea safety exercises. The model has been successfully used to identify possible hazards related to vessel positioning, in addition to potential threat to life and property in case of engine failure resulting from fire. It is a small and light-bodied, sea-going vessel that is able to be deployed at a sea-going berth with a crew ready to provide lifesaving assistance, while operating within a limited operational timeframe. It has been proven to deliver real data to the USCG at a real cost. How will my USCG ship model change in order to fit within the CG-4700? The USCG CG-4700 is an evolution of CG-4500. Its design includes more effective lighting system to better support nighttime operations. Why do USCG ships need to be equipped with life jackets? To protect those onboard from the hazards of high sea states, when sea states occur, life jacket is the most important item to consider. In a storm, there may not be enough fuel to get you from Point A to Point B. You may have no means of transportation. You may have to choose between staying at or leaving Point A. In a situation like this, you may need to make an immediate decision to continue heading to point B or to turn back to Point A. Where can USCG ships go during an evacuation? The USCG ships use the USCG Life Jacket and Rescue Rig capability to reach the USCG ships at all times. How do I become a USCG Master Chief Petty Officer? By completing the USCG Master Chief Petty Officer (MBP) Online Training. A minimum of one year of basic training is required to earn the Master Chief Petty Officer designation.
Is there a due date for USCG CG-4700?
You can find out by calling the USCG at. When does USCG CG-4700 go out on flight training flights? The CG-4700 is scheduled to go on flight training in the Fall of 2018, at the earliest. You can find out more in our flight training section. Are any special procedures required with the CG-4700? The CG-4700 will take off and land on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65), and use the U.S. Navy's new catapult launch system (CAS). The CG-4700 will also be equipped with a high-speed flight deck (HSF) and will need a U.S.
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