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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Coast guard reserve retirement calculator

Instructions and Help about Coast guard reserve retirement calculator

Hello everyone DJ here let's talk about a skill that everyone in the Marine Corps Reserve should have in addition to being able to read or leave an earning statement or la s4 short everyone should be able to understand their retirement point statement this will not be an in-depth episode don't worry just the basics but why DJ I'm just going to be in the Marine Corps Reserve for a few years and then I'm getting out well this statement tells you more than just what you learn as a monthly pension if you stick around for 20 years it also tells you if you are eligible for other types of benefits as well there will be a separate episode later about those types of benefits for now let's focus on the retirement and pension side of things and then we'll get into the other topics at a later time let me stay from the outfit that this episode will be much easier to understand if you have your own point statement in front of you if you do not have one you can either ask your full-time staff to pull a copy for you they should have this ability it is also possible for you to find a copy yourself in your electronic personnel records or to pull a copy from Marine Corps online or LOL i will post instructions later on on how to do this in the resources section of this episode check back later and you will find that information by the way you will need your Common Access Card or Tek in order to access mo L the point statement for the Marine Corps Reserve is called a career retirement credit record or CR CR this is perhaps the simplest point statement of all of the Reserve Component it displays your retirement points from top to bottom from the previously completed retirement year down to the earliest if you're familiar with the old chair of the dragnet it is just the fact ma'am that's what we're after in this game after all just facts I will also put a link in the show notes to a handy how to read guide that I've made but I believe will be useful to you I will be using this guide throughout my talk about the plain statement if you do not have a copy of your own statement there will be a link to a sample statement that you can use alongside with this guide and hopefully gain a better understanding of how to read this important document the top section of your point statement shows your name Reserve recording unit code or resurrect your position Reserve Company and reserve platoon rather detail that's simple enough below that is your anniversary date or retirement year end date as I have called it in other episodes the certification date of the statement your pay entry bates date and your mandatory removal date if you're an officer.


Is a 20 year retirement for a reservist in the U.S military decent additional income or would it just pay the cable bill?
Is a 20 year retirement for a reservist in the U.S military decent additional income or would it just pay the cable bill?nDo you count ALL military service when calculating the number of service stripes to be placed on Army blues, or is it ONLY Army service?nWhat would happen if 10% of the United States population joined the military?nHow was your ROTC experience?nWhich is the better option for a National Guard soldier to draw medical retirement or traditional retirement?nAre Korean-Americans generally wealthy?nCould an army be ordered by its government to turn on parts of its own people?nMORNING DIGEST - VIMARSHnIndia-China/LACChinaHong-KongChina-USIndia...n
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