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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing navy reserve retirement calculator

Instructions and Help about navy reserve retirement calculator

Hi everyone this is Brenda Sanchez coming to you live from Colorado Springs Colorado with military mondays and why the military is a fault census security those of you who are on FEM City Colorado Springs I just went live on that wall instead of my personal wall so sorry about that but hopefully you gained value and now I am doing a read redo I'm high wall so for all of you out there if you are watching this live please type 1 below and if you are watching it via replay please type 2 below again we are talking today Monday morning about why the military is a false sense of security the other thing I want you to type below is if you are watching this and you are in the service I'd like you to type what branch of the service you're in and whether your officer or enlisted that way I can tailor these videos to the audience hi Michaela hi Michael thanks for joining me again type 1 below if you are watching this live and type 2 if you are watching it via replay if you have served or are serving in the military please type below whether you what branch of the service you were serving in and also whether you were officer or enlisted so I'm gonna get started now why did I title this military retirement a false sense of security while multiple reasons one I retired I'm 27 year veteran of the Air Force I retired as a reservist and when you retire as a reservist you do not collect a retirement check right away you are called what is called a gray zone reservist that means you're in between when you retire and when you can collect your retirement check it also means that I don't have medical benefits other than maybe if I'm disabled from the service those things that I'm disabled for I could go to the VA for but for the most part I don't have medical benefits I rely on my husband for my medical benefits at this time the other reason why I talk about a fault security is let me talk about all my active duty friends I have many active duty friends that have been unfortunately riffed they were a part of the reduction in force for you those of you who are civilians a reduction in forces when they look at the military and say it's too large and we need to get rid of some people and generally that happens at the 8 to 15 year point and part of the reason for that is then they don't have to give you a retirement yes they'll give you a little bit of a separation but then you're out on the streets trying to figure out what to do and what are you gonna do for a career and sometimes with the military what you're doing in the service.


How is retirement income calculated? Is reserve retirement pay calculated?
Most individuals retire with social security which is based on years of work, volume of pay earned, and total value of social security paid in to the program. Your monthly income from social security is pre calculated and your choice is basically to take out taxes or not and how much.Many individuals have 401ks that at a certain point, age 70 and a half, you must start withdrawing the funds. You can take the funds and reinvest or use them to live on. Depending on your needs you must take a minimum of 3.5% but you may take more. Again there is a calculation based on age, and value to arrive at a payout.There are others who have pensions. There are similar calculations to arrive at a payout.Almost all retirement income is generally predetermined with very few options the retiree may choose.Many individuals go on to other employment of lesser value but contributing to the total income.I don't know what you mean by reserve retirement pay but if you are talking about how long the payments will continue than yes. There is full disclosure of how much is available or how long you will be paid.
How is reserve retirement pay calculated?
Lydia, Major Masterson has provided a good answer to your question. In essence, military retirement pay is based 100% on the number of “points” one earns, regardless of active duty (AD) or reservist. If you are a reservist and need 50 points per year to count toward a “good” year - then consider: Attending 12 weekend reserve meetings = 48 (12 months x 4 points for each weekend). Add 14 points for the required annual AD training period and you will have earned “62 points” for that standard all by itself. Also, don’t forget that you earn a full day’s pay for each of those points - so a weekend earns 4 points (1 point for each four hours of reserve duty) and of course, the AD also earns 1 point per day. IF you have time to do so - you can call your Service Representative requesting a “short tour” - such tours can be 90, 180, or 279 days - and even increments of those may be available. This provides an excellent opportunity to earn more points and dollars if one is available to take advantage and there’s the advantage of TRAVEL to consider! I personally know one married couple who had signed on for the military’s Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) program and made a career out of constant and continuous AD short tours. Strange but true. Hope this helps. John
How should I fill out the form for a university entry scheme in the Indian Navy?
on line on Indian Navy website. tx
How is time in service calculated for Navy reserve?
Time in Service for the Reserve and Guard is calculated the same as for other services, i.e., every day you are on Federal active duty orders counts as a day for both longevity pay raises and for retirement.In contrast, days you are on inactive reserve duty, or on State orders (such as drill weekends in the Guard) count only for longevity pay raises.
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