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How difficult is it to use Microsoft Access to create a decent help desk application for a small company?
Well to make an effective app you may want to go to some training and learn some of the basics about application design. There are some good applications written in Access. There are limitations for using it as an across the board developer tool. It's designed for small type apps. Out of the box Access doesn't pra tool to create an executable which locks down the source code.
How long does it take for someone to become burned out on Help Desk support?
It depends on the personDifferent people have different tolerances for patience and abuse.It depends on the specifics of the supportWhat software and/or hardware is supported? If it is terrible, it will be a nightmare.Who is your customer base? A small/medium sized company that you're a part of would be better than being a contractor hired to support an external customer base. In the one case, you can develop relationships with your clients. In the other case, you have a bunch of random people who are often angry.I worked in help desks for nearly 10 years. I had no issues and actually had fun, one was for my college, one was for a small business, one was for a company that had contracts with about 400 small businesses. If the pay wasn't so crappy I could have stayed there my whole career and been happy as a clam.I worked with several people that couldn't handle it, though. Some lasted years before burning out, others lasted months.
I can't apply to the state quota for MBBS seats in Haryana due to a mistake filling out the form. The help desk is not responding. What do I do?
i was also in the same situation.the phone no. provided was not responding .well then i mailed them at uhsadmissions2017@gmail.com about the situation that i did not get my login ID providing my roll no. and phone no. and they messaged me my login id after 4u20135 hours.
I need help filling out this IRA form to withdraw money. How do I fill this out?
I am confused on the highlighted part.
Should I add extra protein to my diet to help me 'fill out' even though I do not work out?
Not at all. Protein is an important macro nutrient that is needed for basic body function but if you are not working out to break your muscle fiber tissues for muscle growth, your body won't be able to use protein to rebuild muscle tissues but rather just use it for energy. 1 g of protein contains 4 calories. Once the body uses the protein for essential body function, the excess protein will be converted into energy and if you don't need the energy, it will be converted into body fat. Protein or protein supplements are not magic pills for muscle. You need to eat a proper diet (calorie surplus) with proper amount of protein, fat,and carbs and also you need physical exercise to achieve a muscular body. Hopefully this helps and to learn more about protein and its function in health and muscle building, you can check out the detailed video above.
My phoneu00a0 (Iphone 4S) has been stolen and I want to deactivate my viber account. The FAQ's and help desk has no information on how to do it. Is there a way to do deactivate it with out the device?
You need to activate Viber on your new device using the same phone number as that of the stolen device, deactivate the number under the more TAB.Viber SupportAs hints you can also use the Find My iPhone, iPad, and Mac.to try and locate your device. Also check Gmail,Yahoo mail account activity and see if someone has accessed your Gmail account, what IP they used.
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