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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Uscg pay and personnel center

Instructions and Help about Uscg pay and personnel center

Hey let's open this thing up and see what you do well here we go again level people learn that that's no way to have a safe good time okay let's check that guy out you can hail the operator of a boat you want to board by holding your arms straight out but it can be misunderstood if the guy you're Haley and this understands or doesn't stop you can use a stop sign okay let's give him the blue light since a flashing blue light can be seen in daylight as well as night it's an even better attention-getter I could have used some other devices a police whistle around header is especially good but even it fails sometimes there's no mistaking this one but it can embarrass the heck out of the guy like dog the attention of the other boatman so I turn it on only as a last resort anyway in this case the blue light did the job so we prepared to pull alongside of board what did I do now when I get within about a hundred foot of the vessel I check the number for copper display so replace your engine in neutral gear we'll come alongside your starboard side I also check to say if enough fenders are out and enough personnel to handle the boarding good afternoon sir I'm Chief Thomas US Coast Guard a federal boarding officer I'm gonna void your boat and examine it to see if it meets the minimum federal requirements okay I always remain courteous but I never asked if I could go aboard I don't want to give him the chance to decline it placed me at a disadvantage right at the start of the examination so I'd like to see your certificate of numbers and some means of identification such as a driver's license something with your home address on it all right sir station card all right thank you just the cards your name's mr. Sarge is it that's right all right would you take it out sir just your driver's license would be sufficient all right what's your middle name mr. Sarge dr. Gunther all right fine thank you very much mr. Sarge when I get these papers I give them to my other petty officers on board the boat it records them on a form 4100 it also tells me the boat's length and if there is any doubt I'll measure it this is the official report of boarding first the boats number is checked to see the tallies with that notify us on the approach and that it has been properly displayed sir next I'd like to see three light saving devices or personal floatation devices all right one right behind me all right so what I'm doing is examining this personal floatation device underneath this cloth covering is the floatation material itself it's Kate Parker fiberglass that's an it's in a heat sealed plastic bag I'm looking.

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