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As a Coast Guard member, how do you feel about working without pay during the government shutdown?
Not the first time, probably won’t be the last. You can be sure the USCG will continue to perform the duties assigned to it with the same level of dedication and professionalism
Ted Cruz GOES Off On Democrats For Not Paying Coast Guard During Shutdown, why is it the democrats fault?
Because to “Conservatives™” EVERYTHING is the fault of liberals or Democrats.That way NOTHING is ever the fault of “Conservatives™.”That way “Conservatives™” are ALWAYS the victims.And liberals can never hope to be as skillful at claiming victimhood as “Conservatives™” have been for going 50 years.
Is it true that the Coast Guard will not receive any pay during the “Trump government shutdown” because they are funded through Homeland Security?
This is true. If a funding bill is not passed by December 28th the 42000ish active members of the Coast Guard, including me, will not receive their January 1st paycheck. In the past when this has happened future funding agreements have included provisions to cover back pay that has missed.One thing that gets lost in translation is that shutdowns like this and the almost constant continuing resoltutions prevent us from doing things well long term. Also when there is a shutdown it’s a lot more work because we gotta stop then start a bunch of things that are good long term but aren’t ‘essential.• For example training flights for our inexperienced pilots and crew members…Update:12/31On 12/29 the Trump administration identified a method to legally ensure members of the Coast Guard recieve their 12/31 paycheck. If the shutdown lingers past 1/12 we will miss our mid-month check on 1/15. Other shutdown related issues continue.
What's your view on Donald Trump's claim regarding Coast Guard pay during the Government shutdown that "Democrats left town and are not concerned about the safety and security of Americans?"
Until January 3, 2022. the Republicans hold both houses of congress and the presidency. If the Republican house wanted to keep the government open, they could easily have passed the extension that that senate passed on December 19, which the president could have signed. That only extends the deadline to February 8, so they can keep negotiating on the wall in the interim.Instead the president chose to shut down the government, apparently on the advice of Fox News pundits. (It seems we’ve rethe model of state television which echos the ideas of the authoritarian power, here state TV is feeding the ideas to power.) The president requested the Republican house pass a budget with $5B of wall funding, which they did. The president stated publicly that the shutdown was his doing not the Democrats. The Republican senate went home without acting on this bill, which had no chance to get sixty votes in the senate.So this is a dispute between a Republican president and Republican Senate and a Republican House. If any Democrats are involved, they’re in the senate, where the sixty votes needed necessarily include a few Democrats. It’s clear Nancy Pelosi isn’t involved yet except as the boogeyman, presumably Hillary isn’t available.On January 3rd the now Democratic house will pass the exact same bill the Republican Senate passed. The Republican senate will be faced with the choice of consistency, passing the identical bill it passed the last session, or hypocrisy, not passing the identical bill. Given leader McConnell’s track record it could go either way.
Why didn't the Coast Guard continue to get paid during the recent government shutdown like the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines?
The US Coast Guard is a branch of the military aligned under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)[1] unless they are transferred to the Department of Defense (DOD)/ US Navy in times of war or contingency[2] . In any scenario other than protracted war, the funding for the Coast Guard will come from the DHS.How did Congress decide to fund the DOD through the end of the fiscal year and not do the same with DHS? Congress passed the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2022. which reduced federal spending by approximately 30% each year[3] from 2022 to 2022 (it is actually more complicated than that due to additional legislature that adjusted spending caps, but this is the simple explanation). The 115th Congress and President Trump agreed to relieve DoD of its sequestration budget caps, and fund DOD through the end of the fiscal year rather than continue the incremental funding that had been the norm since 2022. Congress and the President did not relieve DHS or any other federal agency of BCA constraints, which technically are the law of the land until 2021.The simple answer is: In 2022. Congress and the President did not open up the pocketbook for the Coast Guard under DHS, but they did so for the other services under DOD.Footnotes[1] 14 U.S. Code § 1 -  Establishment of Coast Guard[2] 14 U.S. Code § 3 -  Department in which the Coast Guard operates[3] United States budget sequestration in 2022 - Wikipedia
Is there an exemption in the Fair Labor Standards Act that allows the government to compel work from the “essential personnel” (like FBI agents, BOP prison guards, Coast Guardsmen, etc) without pay during a government shutdown?
Probably not, since after the last shutdown a group of employees sued about not being paid in a timely manner as mandated by the Fair Labor Standards Act. The court ruled in their favor and ordered the government to double the delayed compensation. Of course, those employees are still waiting for compensation. But they won!EDT: Excuse me. Not the last shutdown, the one in 2022. I forgot Trump has done this repeatedly.
Why should the rest of the U.S. military continue to be paid during the government shutdown, when the U.S. Coast Guard is no longer being paid?
Quite simply the US Congress either forgot the USCG exists or forgot they are a Military Service.In Jan 2022 the Congress passed an President Cheeto signed the “Pay Our Military Act” They left the USCG out of the bill. Since then the Republican Congress has refused to revisit the legislation and at this time the Republican Senate is refusing to consider any funding legislation without President Cheeto’s permission tho take it up or even think about it.
Does a coast guard that is stationed out of the country have to pay for his travel expenses when he has completed his services and is ready for his retirement?
NoNo one retires outside the USA.Upon retirement the US Government pays to relocate the member, his family, and his personal property back to the members home of record or anywhere closer.You are being scammed.
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