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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing new military retirement calculator

Instructions and Help about new military retirement calculator

Hey there this is Seth and I want to show you this excel spreadsheet that I created this past week and the purpose of this spreadsheet here is to help a real estate investor calculate their path to retirement to show you how it works we start right up here in this little assumptions box and these are the assumptions that I've put together just for this example and just to kind of show you how it works right here the annual return on investment or ROI this is basically just the cash on cash return that we are expecting to get from all of our real estate investments throughout our entire investing career and if here we're gonna say that that's going to be 15% which is pretty good principal invested this is saying that every single year we are going to repeatedly invest $5,000 of new money into our portfolio year after year after year the interest rate this is the interest rate that we are going to be having to pay on the mortgages that we take out for every single property that we buy so this is assuming that that interest rate is always going to be 5% whether or not that's actually gonna happen I don't know that's maybe a little bit optimistic but if you want to change it by all means feel free and that's just the number I'm using in this example mortgage term this is assuming that we're gonna be taking 30-year mortgages on all of the properties that we buy Injection amount this is the assumption that's every single property we buy we have to inject at least 25% of that purchase price which is actually kind of conservative because a lot of times you're not going to have to inject that much but just to kind of keep it you know on the conservative side that's the number I'm using because that's typically what you have to do when you're buying a multi-family real estate investment and then also here mortgage amount this kind of works in contrast to this when you put 25 percent in here this is automatically gonna fill in the remainder going up to a hundred percent so for example if we change this to 20 percent the mortgage amount would be 80 percent of the purchase price so you kind of get the idea and then lastly here this number is the withdraw for a living this basically means that whenever the day comes that we decide to retire and you know stop working we're gonna be living on half of the profits that are generated from our State investment properties if you want it to live on all of it you could just put a hundred percent in here or if you wanted to live on 20 percent of it you could do that but in this example we're using 50 percent and moving on over here I'm just gonna explain to.


How does the new military retirement plan work and how can you make the best of it in 4 years?
How does the new military retirement plan work and how can you make the best of it in 4 years? Why doesn't Trump want to help the USPS? They prover 630,000 jobs for Americans. What is the retirement pay for the military? How much is a military retirement worth? What would Muslims do if the US leveled Mecca and Medina? Migrating Microsoft exchange 2021 to 2013? What is it like to be discreetly wealthy? Why did some combat vets vote for Hillary Clinton and/or why do they dislike Trump? How long do military aircraft typically stay in service?
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