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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing retired reserve vs irr

Instructions and Help about retired reserve vs irr

Music Applause Music what is it why should we care we should camp up press freedom because because we were informed in democratic societies free diverse and pluralist media enable for the debates let's discuss hey guys what's up what's going on welcome to the debate podcast I fits your first time listening then thanks for coming thank you thank you so today's topic is probably that concerns everybody at one point in voluntary recall or the IRR yep so the individual Ready Reserve sometimes called the negative credit Reserve is composed of former military personnel who still have time remaining on the enlistment agreements that have returned to civilian life they're eligible to be called up in the states of emergency the IRR isn't an active as most vets remember in back of the days standby Reserve as opposed to already reserved so it's a group of service members who still have time remaining on their signing agreements and I eligible to code the code in local state or national states of emergency so the Military Officers Association of or how we're going to refer to it MOA a that you might be a member of defined national states emergency of American citizens being in a war of survival for the nation but that's what we're gonna discuss a little bit today so without further ado let's go into the topic yeah so the most common military enlistment is four years active or reserve duty followed by an additional four years inactive these inactive years are explained to enlistees as just that inactive just keep your uniforms military ID card and notify the military of address changes members of the ir are not under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or the UCMJ until they report for the Army's evaluation for activation Marines may receive orders during periodic musters sometimes without prior warning since I our members are not subject to the UCMJ the military has no formal jurisdiction to take action against the irr individuals that they do not voluntarily report and there are no corresponding civilian laws requiring our individuals to report and an IR member does does report even even if only to apply for a waiver from activation they can again be punished under the UCMJ for being absent without leave and unauthorized - absence missing movement conduct or unbecoming if they later decide to resist our resistors individuals who for whatever reason do not report should expect to receive threatening letters and phone calls from the military for at least one year past past their report date about a third of our members recall do not end this for however many many will be intimidated into eventually doing so the military usually tells IRR members that a warrant for their arrest will be issued if they do not report while it's true that thousands of federal arrest warrants are issued annually for a while on you a active duty and reservist this is.