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Coast guard getting paid Form: What You Should Know

FY 2024 (1 Oct 22 – 30 September 15) SUMMARY: Total pay by OPCODE Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Military Pay Chart 2016 Pay & Personnel Center (PPC) Pay & Personnel Center (PPC) PPC (Pay and Distribution Systems) works to make sure our military pay is properly computed and received correctly by individuals and their dependents. Pay and Distribution System (PDS) PDS is a computer software system for military pay. It provides a unified record of military pay, including military basic pay, plus basic allowance for housing (BAH), basic allowance for subsistence and basic allowance for temporary housing (TANGENT), general allowance for officer and enlisted personnel, and special allowance for health and dental (AHD/DD), as well as a complete military personnel accounting system (MPS) program. The PDS allows for the electronic retrieval and distribution of Department of Defense (DoD) and federal civilian payroll records of individuals, military personnel and their family members. A full set of DoD military pay data and payroll data is available on Pay Web. The Navy Pay and Distribution System (NPS) provides an online access point (Pay Web) into various data for Navy personnel. A link to the Pay Web site is available on this website. Pay & Personnel Center (PPC) If you have any questions about your pay records, please call the Pay and Personnel Office (PB/PO) toll-free at. If you have a question for the Pay and Personnel Office (PPO) in your area, please click here. If you prefer a paper form to fill out the Pay and Distribution System (PDS) and need a complete paper form, call the Pay and Personnel Office (PPO) toll-free at. A hard copy of your pay records is available at the Pay and Personnel Office (PB/PO) toll-free at. You may pay for the original (paper) and the hard copy over the internet using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

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Instructions and Help about Coast guard getting paid

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