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Music every single one of our spouses is going to work everyday and still doing their job and they're not getting paid for it and that'll launch it send a message Music I said at any point you just feel like you just don't want to work anymore and he says I won't go to work every single day I signed a contract I will serve this country until I absolutely can my kind of private about stuff like that I don't know if your salon is once private I can't see it if you're in the space though because I feel like I feel like he thinks he let his family down and that's that's heartbreaking to me again it's not his fault Music we have to pay a mortgage payment or electric or heating bill our car payments or phone bill we do not live in government housing I understand that I can prmost things for a newborn other than the diapers a tub and the wipes and I do stay positive that she's going to come out and help you know a healthy little girl but there is that small chance in the back of my head that she could be sick and if she had to be in the NICU my hospital is an hour and a half away so that's going back and forth we really can't spend on absolutely anything at all and I have three small children that I have to think about and bringing a new baby into that there are there's obviously they're gonna be jealous and you want to try to compensate for that by taking them places and making them feel loved and then they are still very important you can't do that the stress level is very hard for me because at any point now I could I could have this child we finally got a shipment of eaten we hadn't had meat fryers not and we actually had to open up the building behind and only bring people in 10 by 10 just to keep it safe this was a little bit overwhelming we were swamped and I think we will be which is fine you know we want the bomb people save their money for bills for needs where gas and tools you know like Caitlyn's going to have to I'm sure that the people that are on the receiving end will make adjustments they always do Music behind laughs like it wasn't even like a outrage it was just weren't like this is a joke rate yeah it's it's not something that you that pops into your head right away like I'm not gonna go sell my house I'm not gonna go sell all the belongings that I just put into my house me and my husband we worked really hard to get that house for our children we worked really hard for everything inside of that house we will find a way.


Maritime Piracy: How does it feel to be a modern day pirate in African waters?
Piracy is down off of the horn of Africa. The pirates prey on low, slow vessels who now mostly carry armed guards. The guards have realized that they can shoot as many pirates as they would like and there isn't much the pirates can do. An armed wooden boat doesn't have much chance against an armed steel ship and the chances of death are pretty high for the attacking pirates. More so than has been reported in the news, I've heard pirates screaming over the VHF radio to try and surrender once their prey started shooting back.  I've heard of attack helos distroying an attacking pirate vessel that quietly sinks with no word to the outside world.  The structure is an experenced pirate will raise money by selling shares in the venture in the local villages to cover the costs of the boats, weapons, intellegence ect. A bunch of local teenagers are hired on shares to fill out the crew which usually has an english speaker and a couple of older men who know what they are doing along. The first pirate aboard the attacked vessel gets a huge bonus along with the head pirate and the negotiatior. The captured ship is anchored off the coast and guards who make less than the attacker pirates hold the vessel until the ransom is paid. The pirates leave, once all of their cell phones are seized to prevent some of the pirates from setting up their fellow pirates once the money is paid. The ship then proceeds to Salaala and onwards.  We still do the pirate drills but we haven't seen anyone who looked like a pirate in a couple years, while five years ago we saw them every time through the Gulf of Aden.
Why not just spend $5 billion on a border wall with Mexico if it will shut up Donald Trump?
$5.7 billion is for the downpayment. Once the US Congress authorizes that, then the next budget cycle he’ll say “okay, fund the other $20 billion.” Otherwise you just wasted the $5.7 billion (which won’t really go for a wall, it will go for studies, roads to the border, buying materials, issuing an RFP, selection firms to fill the RFP, getting land via eminent domain from private landowners who don’t want to give up, court costs of various suits and counter suites, environmental impact statements.)When Congress balks at funding $20 billion extra in the next budget cycle (which will be in about 6 months), he’ll threaten to shutdown the ENTIRE government (this is only about half of the USG—other elements have been funded for now, Trump will be convinced he’ll have even more leverage). And we’ll then see posts by people saying “in order to get Trump to shut up, since we’ve already committed to building the wall, why don’t we just fund the rest of it?”Congress would authorize the $20 billion (in this scenario). And then we’ll discover “holy crap, the estimates that said it would be $70 billion are right.” I mean, who would expect a huge government contract to go over-budget? And here’s the dilemma—if you’ve already spent $25 billion and awarded a contract, you’re probably in the hole for the rest of it. Because the way this works is the contract award winner goes “it’s going to be an extra $5 billion” and then 6 months later says “we’ve had some problems with the initial road you build to get to the border so it’s another $5 billion” and so on. If you think I’m exaggerating, go check out any long-term DoD weapons contract and see how costs escalated a bit at a time.BTW, estimates are that the fastest possible time to acquire the land, build the roads to the border, create the foundation, and get the wall up would be: 10 years. But the $25 billion would be for just the next year (this CR and then the next budget cycle in the Fall of 2019.) So by the end of probably 2021 we will have committed to somewhere around $30–45 billion and won’t have a wall (not even an incomplete wall) and so the “crisis” won’t have been fixed.So let me ask you a question: we’ve got a President who has shut down E-verify (so people can get jobs with illegal or stolen papers and we can’t spot them), shut down the Immigration courts (so cases are being pushed back 1–2 years and the individuals are released in to the US), short-staffed and not paid the Coast Guard, Border Patrol and TSA (so our security is lessened), and you really honestly truly think that he has a clue about how to improve the security of the United States?
What is something you respect about each branch of the U.S. Military? (If served/serving, what is something you respect of the other branches?)
I gotta say Mark D. Saint Cyr did a wonderful job. I’ll likely sound similar in some!USMC: Without question the most loyal, gung-ho, “GET IT DONE” group in the military. I regularly rag on them (because that’s what family does!) but I have so much respect for these guys. You wanna talk about the roughest, toughest SOB’s on planet Earth outside of special forces? This is it. Plus, their dress blues are gorgeous.Navy: These guys (and now gals!) put their faith in a little metal tube deep in the ocean, hundreds if not thousands of miles from civilization. Unreal. They also pilot the best jets, run the best legal teams, have incredible technology, have incredibly well managed hospitals and are the primary way Marines can be transported to do bad things to bad people.USAF: Despite calling them lazy, primpy, spoiled babies‡ I love my AF brothers and sisters as well (again, it’s a family thing). The AF runs amazing Security Forces (like User-11755317831169336142 ) and were often in charge of the gates at major bases overseas. My deployment was in Kandahar which has an enormous base (Kandahar Air Field, KAF) which was run primarily by the Air Force with Navy running most of the medical. They also do most of the drone work and that keeps servicemen out of harm’s way.Coast Guard: Everyone loves to pick on the Coast Guard. Military-Lite, Waders, etc. But honestly the Coast Guard is one of our only homeland defense branches. While the Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Army are for fighting abroad, the Coast Guard protects, you guessed it, the coast! They handle the drug running scum that pollutes our waters, rescues people stuck at sea, and hassles boaters everywhere.Army: My personal favorite, hence my service to them. The Army does it all from Intel to Infantry, from Medical to Mortars. The Army is a branch that could, theoretically, function alone without any other branch. We can even fly our own guys. We have the Airborne, the Air Assault, the Rangers and Pathfinders‡ The Army is a complete, balanced diet. It has its flaws of course but I chose the Army very specifically along with my job. My father was an SF Medic. My grandfather was an Army/Air Force (when they were unified) Colonel. I couldn’t not do it.Special mention to the Reserves / National Guard: People think “weekend warrior” and such, but the “part time” military complete a year’s worth of training in 52–56 days. They don’t spend their days raking and painting rocks, mowing lawns, and police calling the trash of their base. They spend their days working a civilian job while going to school or managing a family. They truly have to bear the burden of both citizen and serviceman. The National Guard also belongs to the state. Flooding? Tornado? Hurricane? While you are sitting at home relaxing far away, the Guard goes to those locations to take care of locals. They even are involved in defense against riots.Every branch has a purpose. Except maybe the Space Force. But I won’t judge, who knows? Maybe they’ll find a way to science up some amazing things that benefit more than just the U.S.
Is it necessary to be a graduate for filling out the admission form for the Indian Coast Guard?
Depends!If you wanna apply for officer cadre, You shall be a graduate and the eligibility is as per the advertisement published on the website.And for Navik entry, 12th pass is mandatory.However for domestic branch, the qualification is 10th pass as shown below.Goodluck!
How do I fill out the yearly percentage in the Indian Coast Guard AC application form when we have a CGPA?
Depends on wjich standard you are applying for10th = cgpax9.5Gradiation = cgpax multiplying factor.In some colleges it is 9.5,9,10 depends on colllege
How do I fill out the educational qualification section of the assistant commandant application form in coast guard (01/2021 batch)?
U should be Bachelor of science hieght166 wt 50 and pass ur exams
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