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How long does it take for someone in the coast guard that was just out of boot camp to get leave?
All members of the U.S. Coast Guard gets 2.5 days of leave for every month they are on duty, totaling 30 days annually.So, basically, a month after clearing boot camp, you can request that 2.5 days of leave. You will be granted it, provided your command doesn’t require your presence for 2.5 days.
How should I prepare for Coast Guard boot camp?
Be able to run 1.5 miles 8n under 12:51 minutes, aim for 12 minutes. Minimum of 38 situps, aim for 50. Minimum of 29 pushups, aim for 40.Memorize the 11 general orders, in all orders (forward, backward, and mixed up) so you actually know General order 7.Memorize your chain of command from the current CO of cape may up to the president.Memorize the common terminology in your preparation book your recruiter gives you. Also downloadable from the United States Coast Guard website. I'll try and find it at some point.Also, get down to weight if you can.Any other questions either ask a recruiter or you can ask me.Semper Paratus
Is the Coast Guard boot camp the most difficult?
Three good reasons why Marine Corps boot camp is by far the toughestThis is something most people do not know. When a Marine leaves active duty, and they join another branch, they do not have to go through that branch’s boot camp. Any person from another branch who joins the Marine Corps must go through Marine Corps boot camp.Secondly, I knew Marines who have gone to other branches. Mostly they join another branch because they are getting older and their bodies can’t keep up with the PT that the Marine Corps puts on their body.I also know Marines who were prior service from all branches. We had guys in my school who were in the Coast Guard and Army before joining the Marines. Over time I have met others who came over from different branches. Any Marine I know who has been in the Coast Guard has stated that Marine Corps boot camp was much tougher. Almost all of them talk about the swimming being similar to what they do in the Coast Guard boot camp that they do in Marine Corps boot camp. Marines do swim qual as well.The Coast Guard may have one of the toughest boot camps. Obviously the Air Force has a fairly easy boot camp. The Navy boot camp is not much tougher nowadays. The army boot camp is I would expect tougher than those. So the comparison may be army to coast guard boot camps with the difference that army does not spend time in a pool for swim qualification.
How do you fold clothes in Coast Guard Boot Camp?
Quickly. The right way. Your Company Commander will let you know, unequivocally, which way is the Right Way.Also, should you find there are members of your company who just cannot figure this out, you’ll be folding their clothes, as well.It’s as much about learning discipline, as it is team building.Trust me, in time, you’ll look back on your Boot Camp experience with fondness. You’ll have great stories to tell. While you’re going through it…not so much in the way of fun. But, you’ll do fine. If you’re already asking questions and trying to be prepared…you’ll be just fine.
When is the best time to go to Coast Guard boot camp?
Hello Hunter,The Coast Guard boot camp is 8 weeks long. From personal experience, I can tell you Cape May, NJ is hot and humid in the summer. On the other hand, its very cold and blustery in the winter.Source: From the Command " Coast Guard Boot CampLooking back, it really didn’t matter. The Coast Guard has been and continues to be one of the best decision I have ever made in my life. Without hesitation, I recommend it to everyone.Let me tell you a story: Years after graduating boot camp I had the opportunity to return to Cape May, I worked at the now closed LORAN support unit across the river in Wildwood. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas all recruits were given a pass to have dinner with local families.While we were there we sponsored many folks. Our house was located just off the base. Every time we left with our group they would be very sad because they didn’t get to drive away with their sponsor family. After all, they were looking forward to spending some time off the base. Instead they were stuck a few houses from the main gate.There were no regrets as they got to use our telephone to call their families. They had a good dinner, and just before sunset we drove to the beach. We took pictures by the ocean in the setting sun. There was just enough time to return back to the Dahlen house and forward the pictures back to family and friends.Happy New Year,LCDR DahlenP.S. Thank you to all the Coasties who joined us those memorable evenings. We appreciate that many of you have kept in contact.
Why do Marines on the Internet boast about how hard their boot camp was and mock other branches• boot camps (especially Air Force and Coast Guard)?
Because even Marines will tell you to not join the Marine Corp when you even speak of joining the forces. Why? Because they all ate shit in boot camp but I haven't heard other branch members who have had a hard time with their boot camp. “Join the Army, they treat you “nicer” and you don't have to eat shit in boot camp for as long and hard as they do”. I have had family members who are Marines and some are in the Army. A person's physique changes considerably in the 3 months they spend in USMC boot camp. On Graduation day, you have to look CLOSE and HARD to locate your Marine. They don't look the same as they what they looked like going in. Some of them are absolutely unrecognizable. Army graduation? Easy peasy to find your soldier. No crazy change in their physique but they look healthier.Marines who want to join other branches also do not have to go through boot camp again because all force branches recognize how vigorous the making of a Marine can be on the individual transforming. The wait of 3 months to see a family member is also hard on ones family members. The Army boot camp recruit was far easier to wait for.If you ask a service member who isn't a Marine: “Are you in the Marines?” They will look at you like you are crazy, tell you that's too much to deal with because of their boot camp.The Marines go through a harder time. They earn the joking privileges. No one else dares bring up how hard boot camp was unless they want to pretend and become the joke of the day.
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