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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Army not getting paid

Instructions and Help about Army not getting paid

It was cracking everybody Mitch poor Jason your moto I didn't want to make this video in my effect I made this video a few months a few months ago when I found out the bad news but I ended up deleting it and I said you know I'm not gonna fucking upload it but now I just say fuck you man fuck you man your bonus right in your bones you wanna they're gonna give you a bonus your recruiter doesn't matter who you are Air Force Navy Marines Army I was offered a $3,500 and that's my bonus back in 2022 and in 2022 I realistic for 5000 yeah and they're gonna recoup that if you don't know if you guys don't know what the word recoupment means they're gonna take all that money back all that money that I earned all because some bullshit policies right when I first came in in the army you're a civilian you don't know shit you don't know nothing right they tell you where did it to sign on the dotted lines you sign it you know just a sign here sign here sign here sign here Bam Bam Bam you do everything they tell you because you want in so bad right apparently what I didn't know was that you're supposed to sign when you when you do an enlistment bonus any kind of bonus is supposed to be on the same date of your enlistment contract so let's say for hypothetical reasons all right let's say that on march 10th is your enlistment day your bonus better be signed on that exact date can be a day before can't be a day after all the dates have to say the same date okay or they're gonna fucking hit you with a recoupment so if you're a current military or you buy a join the military you need to go look back and look for that shit right there right second thing you got to make sure the bonus exists today man in 2022 when I Sweden listed for 5,000 right when I read listed 5,000 no shit man that bonus didn't exist but I was given that bonus anyway they already pay me 2500 all right so in 2022 they say hey man we need you to pay for this bonus that didn't exist I was like what do you mean it didn't exist it exists I saw it I got the car I got everything right here but they're like but it didn't exist I was like damn so now they're gonna take 8,500 for me 8,500 so every paycheck they're gonna take 20% out of my paycheck for the next four years 20% and so all that debt is paid off crazy huh so in 2022 our being listed for six years for 10 grand so I asked them so if I pay off all this debt will I get paid for that 10 grand and.


Have you ever seen a soldier roast an officer with a higher rank?
This was not an Officer but a 1SGT.I was a Squad Leader of a Military Police Platoon in the ’80s and I had this PFC Smith [not his real name] in my squad. He never got along with the 1SGT from day one. The PFC was an older man• actually older then the other men in the company. I noticed the problem and tried to talk to him from the first time.He would rack up merit points and get promoted to Sp4 then promoted to SGT. E-5 that night he would pick out another NCO and bust him upside the head, get demoted and this kept going.One day he announced that he filed his papers and was retiring from 20 years of uninterrupted service! On the last day, the retiree could wear the highest rank that they achieved. The Sp4 walked in and the only thing I seen was a black stripe on a set of a Class A uniform. Someone called ‘ATTENTION !• and we snapped to. The 1SGT was talking to me and when he turned and seen the ‘OFFICER• he went APE$HIT! He ran over and screamed at ‘COLONEL SMITH’, yes he had eagles on his shoulders. He was ripping Smith a new one, the whole time Smith was standing at attention with a ‘Gomer Pyle smirk• then they went in the top SGT.’s office as the 1SGT. told him that ‘impersonating an officer• was the charge he was getting. The bay was called to attention again as our Captain walked in. We all heard the commotion in the inner office and the Capt. walk up and called for the 1SGT. Both, came out! The Capt. snapped to attention and said, “SIR, I’m glad the Colonel stopped by on the Colonel’s last day! ..Will the Colonel join the 1SGT and myself in my office, Sir?”• The 1SGT had a perplexed look and followed the Colonel in. The Capt. closed the door and then opened it about three inches. We heard ALL that was said, the Capt. said, “Sir, is there anything that you would like to say..to the 1SGT before you leave today??” The Colonel TORE INTO SOME OF THE BEST ASS CHEWING I EVER HEARD!!!• BOTOM LINE: The Captain informed the 1SGT. of the following :The Colonel was in the Vietnam War. He was a SGT and with the four others, ranging from Private-Corporal, were sent out on a recon mission for their Field Artillery Battery. While they were out in the bush, two batteries of FA were over ran, every man killed. When they returned they seen the aftermath and seen the enemy. They manned each gun and fired HE and ‘B• HIVE rounds. Loaded and fired each by themselves.HE are High Explosive and ‘B• Hive are air burst rounds that disburse DART like projectiles. They continued firing all at the enemy until reinforcements arrived. They ALL received the Silver Star!A Major General issued ‘BATTLE-FIELD COMMISSIONS• that day. The SGT (PFC SMITH) was ‘Promoted to COLONEL the others Majors and Captains.I spoke with the Col. later and he told me that every time when he was promoted to his ‘formal• rank, he would get pissed off (when he returned State side- had to go back to his former rank of SGT) thinking about what happened he would belt the nearest NCO! • He laughed when he said he seen me a few times, but said he liked me to much to do that!He said his retirement pension would be of one grade higher- SSGT then the SGT he was. The Colonel was stamped ‘TEMP• on his DD-214 and listed Staff Sergeant as his rank.
During World War II, were Soviet and German soldiers getting paid?
I think I will copy my answer to the similar question:Konstantin Zhiltsov's answer to How much salary were soldiers/officers paid in WW2?Contrary to the popular belief, soldiers and officers in the Red Army received payments. Not only monthly pay grade was established, but various bonuses for combat effectiveness and various accomplishments.There were only two problems:Prices during WW2 in the USSR, on “unorganised markets” skyrocketed, 10–15–20 times.On the frontline there was nowhere to spend money. Army supplies soldiers with all the necessary supplies, and locals usually don’t accept money for payment too - everything else had to be bartered for army surplus materials. There was usually only Voentorg shops, with fixed prices and not-so-wide variety of goods (pens, pencils, totthbrushes/toothpastes, stuff like that). After all, in those times, one pair of boots or one can of meat meant much more, than ten times their price in money. In time of duress money is worthless. So soldiers and officers usually sent all their allowance to their families, so they could spent it somehow and improve their rations and living conditions.Just for your reference, in wartimes, for 1000 roubles on “commercial markets” (farmer’s markets, unrationed) you could (if there was something to buy and you were lucky) buy ~5 loaves of bread or 1 litre of vodka or 10kg of potatoes or 0,6 kg of meat/lard. Average wartime salary for civilians was circa 550 roubles.Now to soldiers:Privates monthly allowance was from 10 to 20 roubles (it was increased during the war). Usually sources give an average amount of 17 roubles.Non-coms got from 150 to 300 roubles per month.Also, everyone serving in armour or artillery got additional bonus of 25 roubles. Payment for both soldiers, NCOs and officers depended on their military position and not rank. These sums were very nice before the war, but with the wartime inflation they became obsolete. (Non-rationed prices increased 10–20 times).So, without cancelling these payments, a new system was introduced, the so-called “field payments”: additional money, which were paid to soldiers and officers, deployed on the frontline (not to every soldier in standing army):Platoon commander minimal payment was 650 roubles (~2 loaves of bread)Company commander - 750 (you can buy a soap too to your 2 loaves of bread).Battalion - 850 roublesRegiment commander - 1200 roubles.Divisional commander - 1600Corps commander - 2000.Historians found payment list for the November 1943 for Northern Fleet. First on the list, Admiral Golovko, received for that month 6755 roubles. Out of them 600 was spent on war bonds, 600 sent to family, 5555 cashed (~20 loaves of bread). These were the salaries of Soviet top commanders, Army and Front commanders.Yes, usually soldiers didn’t receive their money in cash, they were saved on their accounts and spent via cheque of some sort. Most of them sent their money to their families.Apart from “ordinary” money, there was a lot of bonuses and compensation for various deeds and accomplishments. Say, soldiers that managed to evacuate disabled T-34 tank from the battlefield was given 2022 roubles (5000 for KV). Capture of German equipment was also reason for different bonuses.A lot of bonuses existed in Red Air Force: for every German plane shot down, pilot was entitled 1000 roubles. For every 5 sucessful strafing runs - 1500 roubles, 3000 for 25 runs, 5000 for 40 runs (good luck surviving 40 strafing runs). In bomber wings every crewmember got 1000 roubles per 5 night and 10 day raids, and 3000 roubles per 20 and 30 successful missions. For first strategic bombing raids on Berlin in August 1941 crewmembers were given ~4000 roubles each. But the biggest bonuses were for naval aviation: each German submarine or destroyer sunk cost 2500 roubles, transport ship - 1000 roubles. M. Borisov, for his torpedo run on SMS Schlesien battleship got 10.000 roubles.A lot of units got double-pay or additional bonuses: every guard unit received double pay, as well as elite “extermination batallions” (dedicated AT units). All 45-mm AT-gun crews received double-pay and 300–500 roubles per each destroyed German tank (but note that 45-mm AT guns were called “Farewell, Motherland” and “Death to the Enemy, Pizdets (FUBAR) to the crew” for a goddamn reason - their crew lived no longer than 1–2 battles, due to their short effective range and their unique “lie in ambush as they get close, then fire as fast as you can until they kill you in return” tactics, so majority just didn’t live long to see their money). Each soldier, which managed to destroy German tank with Molotov bottle or AT grenade was entitled with 1000 money (or 1500 split between all involved in destruction of one tank). And again, guess how much of them could actually cash their reward. Well, there were the few exceptional heroes, that managed to take out 10–50 German tanks, but for the most of soldiers the best scenario was to trade their life for a couple of tanksSo• that’s it. But soldiers almost never had a chance to use these money: as I said, there is nowhere to spend them on the frontline, so most of them were either sent to their families or spent on war bonds.P.S. An average frontline life of Soviet private is estimated in various sources to 45 days before KIA or WIA (Of course, front matters. Stalingrad and Karelia (where one could serve for all the war duration without being in a firefight) were completely different). Frontline life of lieutenant was much more shorter, down to a couple of weeks. Not much time to think about the money.
How competitive would the Roman Empire at its height have been with medieval (11th-13th century) European armies in a war, both stuck at their understanding of warfare and technology?
The Roman army of Trajan would have crushed any medieval army, for one basic reason: the Roman army, unlike the levies and knights called together by medieval kings, was a professional fighting force. Its legions had training and - more importantly - financial and logistical resources that no medieval state could match. The Romans might have lost battles, but they would never have lost a war.More detail:First, the Roman Empire was much larger, and routinely fielded much larger armies, than any medieval state.Under Trajan, when the Empire probably had about 60 million inhabitants, there were about 300,000 in the Roman army (30 legions of c. 5,000 men each, each brigaded with a roughly equal number of auxiliaries).These were professional soldiers, enrolled for 25 years (and sometimes longer) and rigorously trained. They were issued high-quality weapons from state “factories,” were well-fed, and generally exhibited superb morale and esprit de corps.Let’s compare the French army (Medieval Europe’s largest) at the beginning of the Hundred Years• War. [I realize the question said 11th-13th century, but I use mid-14th century France because we have more information]France in 1360 (the light red areas were ceded to England after the Battle of Poitiers)The French king Philip VI ruled an estimated 15–17 million subjects - more than any of his rivals. Yet at the Battle of Crecy (1346), the culminating moment of a major campaign to defend France from the invading army of Edward III of England, Philip was only able to muster 20–30,000 troops.Perhaps a third of this army consisted of mounted men-at-arms - knights with extensive military training (but often little trust for one another and less love for the king). With the exception of a large body of Genoese crossbowmen (more on the crossbow later), the remainder were ill-trained and poorly-organized peasant levies.Unless superbly commanded, this was not an army that could routinely win battles against a Roman force of equivalent size, let alone the Roman army at full strength.Medieval armies, however, had a few technological advantages….Although the basic means of war did not change much between the 2nd and the mid-14th centuries (guns existed by the 14th century, but were still too primitive to have much battlefield impact), the armies at Crecy used two technologies unknown to the Romans: the longbow (on the English side) and the stirrup.The Romans used both crossbows and composite bows (it is unclear in what proportion), typically, the heavy infantry of the legions was complemented by bands of auxiliary archers (and sometimes slingers).No Roman unit, however, was equipped with any weapon equivalent to the English longbow, which had a range (up to 350 yards) considerably greater than the (estimated) range of Roman bows.An even more important medieval development was the stirrup, which seems to have reached Europe around the 7th century CE.The Romans (as a previous poster noted) had heavy cavalry, particularly in late antiquity. In Trajan’s time, auxiliaries (Sarmatians and others) would have provided most of this arm. These horsemen, however, did not have stirrups, and were thus (despite high-cantled saddles) at risk of being thrown from their mounts when charging a line of infantry.Medieval knights, equipped with stirrups, delivered a more compelling shock to infantry armies than the Roman cataphracts on the initial charge, and had a much easier time staying in their saddles in the ensuing melee.The longbow and stirrup were real advances - but I doubt they would have been enough to give any but the largest and best-commanded medieval armies a chance of defeating a Roman force.The Romans, after all, knew how to deal with both heavy cavalry and archers. The second-century author Arrian explains how to defeat incursions of the nomadic Alans (a people of the Caspian steppes famed for their horsemen):“Once [the Roman troops are] thus arrayed there should be silence until the enemies come within missile range, when in range the loudest and most intimidating war cry must be raised by the whole lot, and bolts and stones must be fired from the artillery pieces and arrows from the bows, and javelins by both light armed and shield bearing javelinmen. Stones must also be thrown at the enemies by the allied force on the overwatch position, and the whole missile rain must be coming from all sides to make it concentrated enough to panic the horses and destroy the enemies. And the expectation is that the Scythians will not get close to the infantry battle formation because of the tremendous weight of missiles. If they do close in though, the first three ranks should lock their shields and press their shoulders and receive the charge as strongly as possible in the most closely ordered formation bound together in the strongest manner. The fourth rank will throw their javelins overhead and the first rank will stab at them and their horses with their spears without pause. After repulsing the enemy if there’s a clear rout, the infantry units must clear lanes and the horsemen should advance, not all squadrons, but only half of them. Those to the fore must be the first to advance. The other half should follow those that advance, in perfect formation and not in hot pursuit in order that they may continue the initial pursuit with fresh horses in case there is a complete rout, and in case they turn about to attack, they may assist those in pursuit. At the same time the Armenian archers must advance shooting their bows in order to prevent those in flight from turning about, and the light armed javelineers should advance at the run….”Finally, as noted at the beginning of this post, even if a medieval army managed to defeat the Romans in battle, it would almost certainly lose the war.In the reign of Trajan, an estimated 2/3 of the Roman Empire’s revenues were channelled directly to the army, even in times of peace. Soldiers were paid reliably, and paid well. They were also well-supplied. Local populations filled regular contracts to supply the legionary forts with meat, grain, and other provisions, and campaigns were carefully planned in advance to ensure that the troops were never hungry or thirsty.No medieval king had such resources. Feudalism created loosely-organized states, in which kings had to constantly struggle with their own nobles to secure the men and money needed for campaigning. If a parliament existed, the process was even more difficult. Medieval kings were thus forced to scrape armies together just before a major campaign, and to make their campaigns as short as possible, since they almost never had enough money to keep their troops in the field for long.The second-century Roman army, in short, would have won in almost any conceivable engagement with a medieval European force of remotely equivalent size - and since the Roman Empire was so much larger and better-organized than any medieval kingdom, it would, in my opinion, have easily overwhelmed any opponent before the widespread use of gunpowder.Those intrigued by the Roman army might want to check out my page on the Column of Marcus Aurelius.I wrote a follow-up answer to this one that might interest some readers:Garrett Ryan's answer to If the Roman armies were indeed superior to their medieval counterparts, why didn't the Eastern Roman Empire ever restore the empire fully (even beyond Justinian), for significant amount of time and later fall?
What is the craziest thing you ever did when you were a teenager?
I have been a part of many crazy things as a teenager, but there will always be this one time that will stand out among them all.It was the final year of school and my friends decided to bunk this one last time before the school's out forever (and school's been blown to pieces). Now, both my best friends had boyfriends and I was, more or less, that one friend, who remains forever alone. But, due to some reasons (good friendship and also because the idea of my getting away without ending up in some kind of trouble was way beyond their imaginations), they convinced me to tag along with them, they literally begged me for it! (I can say this here since not one of them is here on Quora.)So, the plan was something like going out for a movie. But wait, it isn't this simple. The plan was to go out for a movie in a theater that was some 5o kms away from our school. And wait, it gets more complex. What was going to be our ride? Well, the plan was to be carried out on semi-super bikes. An R15, a KTM Duke, and this another huge bike, which I don't even remember the name of, were supposed to take us to our destination.This is a plan that would sound cool to any 18 year old and so it did to me and to these friends of mine. Ofcourse. So a night before, a state of panic was starting to take over all of us. Why? Because who was I going to sit with? Three girls, two boys and two bikes. Someone had to join into our plan to assist me. And the best and the only bet was one of our friend's best friend, almost a stranger to me after a scuffle we had on facebook some years back. (Facebook fights were a big deal back then, which is just 2 years back, apparently).So, somehow, though reluctantly, all of these stuphid people managed to convince both him and me for this stooopid idea. By the way, all of this happened a night before the bunk was to be carried out. Conferencing calls for hours went on. My parents were already getting a bit skeptical of me, but they didn't say anything as it was the last day of school and they must have assumed it to be normal or I don't know.Oh and also, it was a computer practical the next day, on the day of our bunk, the marks of which were to be added into our final boards paper for the same. We were a really courageous lot!So the next day, as per the plan, we went out of the city's border at a speed of almost 80 km/hr with amateur riders, without license, to catch a fucking movie. Thrilling! Also, we got caught on our way back. An amazing experience none the less. Although, now when I look back at it, it really scares the shit outta me. I mean ANYTHING could've had happened. ANYTHING.
What is your opinion on unpaid internships?
I hate them. Please, hear me out.Unpaid internships prperverse incentives.One of the biggest problems with unpaid internships is that there is no incentive for an employer to properly manage the hours of the intern. Because they’re not paid, an employer can work their intern 24/7 if they choose. These internships can be considered legal if the intern is receiving school credit or is working for a public agency.Unpaid internships are classist.Not every young person can work an unpaid internship, often due to cost. Many people are from areas where internships are rare, and must relocate to work an unpaid internship. There, they must pay rent and living costs. If they’re not getting paid to intern, where do you suppose that money comes from? This is compounded if the internship demands full-time hours, making it impossible to get a side job that pays the bills. Unpaid internships favor wealthy people whose parents can fund their learning.Unpaid internships can be a cover for janitorial/other non-useful work.At some unpaid internships, “interns” are used for menial tasks, such as cleaning, getting coffee, and other tasks that aren’t really on-the-job learning. While this isn’t strictly speaking legal if the majority of the work isn’t job-related, it isn’t really feasible for most interns to press the issue.Unpaid interns can rarely complain.Many unpaid internships are in fact illegal, but the only way to press the issue is often through legal claims. This can be incredibly intimidating and unattainable for young people. Lower-income young people cannot afford an attorney, and the laws are tough to navigate on your own. In addition, most young people are raised not to complain, to just do the work, and that the boss is always right.Many unpaid internships are illegal, and are NOT “just young people paying their dues”.Unpaid interns cannot be obligated to work full time hours, replacing a paid worker of the company. They cannot do jobs that immediately benefit the company, but should undergo consistent training, with some duties. They cannot be coerced into working ever longer and longer hours. I know some older people may have ideas about paying-dues, but free coercive labor is not the way to accomplish this.If you’re an employer:Please do not hire unpaid interns. Even a stipend or minimum wage is better than placing someone in a coercive position where they are subject to your whim, and effectively discriminating against anyone who is middle or lower class.If you do hire unpaid interns, please make sure the internship is flexible enough they can get another job, or can choose to commit less time if something comes up. Please understand that 70 hours a week is too much to work most employees, but especially someone who is volunteering their time.If you’re an unpaid intern:Ask questions in the hiring process. Make sure that you will not be treated unfairly. This includes not having to work full-time hours or more ( 40 hours a week) and the ability to choose your work time within reason.If you are treated unfairly, know that you can complain to higher ups, or call a Fair Labor Hotline in your state. Do not let anyone belittle you because of your age or experience level, you’re still a human being and deserve answers. You DO have rights, and you CAN do something about it.Try to get scholarships from your school that can cover housing costs while you work. Most schools offer them if you look hard.It IS sadly legal for the government to work unpaid interns as they choose. Steer clear of these, and if you are really interested, please ask questions about how many hours they really mean. I fell into this trap so you don’t have to.Sources for More Info:Unpaid Internships: Unfair and UnethicalUnpaid Internships: Bad for Students, Bad for Workers, Bad for SocietyU.S. Department of Labor
Who is the biggest Clown in the Indian politics?
I think the word “Joker” must not be used for the following politician because joker was the arch and genius nemesis of Batman while following politicians are far from genius and logic. However my list is as follows :Owaisi Jr : What can I say for this man. We are living in an era where anything can happen [literally] in a blink of time and here is this man who is an MP and states that “remove cops for 15 minutes and we will finish the Hindu”. Seriously?Mallikarjun khadge : His age is 74 years,an age where most people give their good experience to the younger generation but what are his statements- “you aryans have come from outside,we are the real residents”. Almost people from both the sides of India are trying hard to remove this gap and this man exactly do the opposite stuff.Arvind kejriwal : He lost 2022 he stated PM tricked people,now he lost in Goa and Punjab he stated EVM tricked people.Rahul gandhi : I think the less is said about him the more better it will be.Sakashi Maharaj : He thinks wearing jeans by the girls make them more viable to rapes. More to that he has go this own following too.Azam khan : Regarding Paris attacks he stated that it was a reaction against super powers, regarding mobile phones he stated that they causes rapes and regarding Indian army he stated things which were only understood by him.P.S-Will update the list later on.
I've recently began working at a job for about a week. I have yet to fill out any paper work. Should I be worried about getting paid?
Unless you're being paid under the table a company will need some paperwork in order to know how much to withhold from your paycheck for taxes and the like as well as how to actually pay you. If you've been there a week and haven't completed at least a W-4 I can imagine two possibilities: either the HR department (or individual who handles payroll at a smaller company) is laggy or, as you seem to fear, it's a scam and they never plan on paying you. I don't think you need to jump to the latter conclusion (sometimes things just fall through the cracks and maybe your paperwork is one of them), but I would approach your supervisor and let them know that you're doing a little financial planning and just want to confirm your first payday. "Oh, and that reminds me, I never filled out any paperwork. Is there anything you need from me?" They should follow-up with the appropriate person to get you squared away. If they seem skittish about the whole thing and blow you off it's probably time to be more concerned.
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