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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Coast guard pay bill

Instructions and Help about Coast guard pay bill

Yes Steve according to the nation's largest union of federal workers the shutdown affects about 800,000 employees about 380,000 of those have been furloughed told not to come to work and they won't be paid until this is all over but about 420 thousand other workers are deemed essential employees they are required to come to work but they are not getting paid either now their concerns mounting about mortgages car payments groceries this hurts when he's not working John Franklin sits glued to his TV cable news ticking off the days in hours since this chart of the federal government shutdown which means I am working for free John's job as a senior correctional officer at the federal prison in Butner everything murderers rapists drug dealers white-collar criminals I mean we've got a little of everything means his job is deemed essential he has to come to work but he and the others haven't been paid since before Christmas and with no end in sight to the shutdown when their next check is coming is anyone's guess I hate it I hate going into work every day knowing that what I do for a living then I'm not being duly paid for other essential workers include the thousands of TSA agents at the nation's airports like the dozens at rdu all working without pay and with non essential workers furloughed the park rangers and service workers who keep the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park open and clean aren't there either restrooms closed trash starting to mount up I think it's really up to private citizens at this point cleaning up the back end Hall River John Franklin concerned about paying the mortgage on his brand-new home you just want this house you got a mortgage yeah and now you're not getting paid I mean I've already reached out to my creditors and everything but still I mean if they're not getting paid and I'm not getting any money so that I can pay them either way I'm losing and it basically to the federal employees it doesn't appears that no one knows what they're doing I say put the border wall table it for a future discussion when you starting to do budget talks for later on so while John debates whether or not to dip into a savings to pay his current bills he and his union are pushing Congress in the White House to not just end the shutdown but then immediately pass legislation to get them back pay but there are also thousands of other workers under federal contracts like janitors and security guards it's those contract workers who have little hope of recuperating the pay they've lost while the government was shut down Steve.

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