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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Coast guard retiree pay shutdown

Instructions and Help about Coast guard retiree pay shutdown

Captain Ralph Bartels once served as US Coast Guard captain for the Port of Houston due to advanced dementia he is unable to remember many of the missions he once orchestrated today a meeting of two captains that current and the former was arranged at the Port of Houston Authority giving bartels a special glimpse into his past and making a connection to one of his greatest moments of pride but it was really special to watch him sit down and look across and know that that's you know the view he had for four years and and that that's where he used to you know take care of things the second he stepped off the bus everything was just kind of like smooth sailing it was like he knew kind of that he was back in his element and and to have those moments are so rare at this point in his life that to see him experience that was just really really special to be a captain in the Coast Guard is a tremendous responsibility but a great honor great honor to be allowed to serve in this capacity he was captain Pennoyer I mean that's what my dad was and you know he doesn't really resemble that anymore but that part of it was much more emotional for me than I anticipated that it was going to be the two captains sitting side-by-side take in the sights of the port while captain Bartels family reflect on precious memories I was about 10 years old and remember going out on the ship said wait here by the just I just remember being a massive heater you know boiler room or whatever out on the deck of the big icebreaker and so that was really cool I mean I was nervous at first I never you know you never know how he's going to be and and how the trip is gonna affect him but I could tell that there was some recognition and he wasn't hesitant and he was really responsive and engaged which is so great from the time he joined officer school in 1957 until his retirement in 1986 Bartels served in more than a dozen locations around the world coast guard is central to American history because it began with the end of the Revolutionary War and it represents the evolution of the United States throughout its its history safety security stewardship three words that represent the mission of the United States Coast Guard captain bartels will always be remembered for his stewardship to a great nation you.

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