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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Army reserve retirement points chart

Instructions and Help about Army reserve retirement points chart

Greetings everyone my name is Todd Don Makowski I am a 19 year financial management officer in the Unites States Air Force / Air National Guard I've been instructing personal finance for over 15 years in various bases around the country and I've authored a few pieces on personal finance this financial leadership series is meant to guide lead and mentor those who are looking to gain knowledge in financial literacy before we start I'm gonna do this disclaimer this information provided in this briefing does not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense American Society of military Comptroller's or the Association and govern accountants further the briefer assumes no responsibility for consequences resultant resulting from the use of this information this is a voluntary service intended to improve the knowledge of military members in regards to financial literacy this is my first series on YouTube so I'll try to go through it fairly quickly so that I maintain your attention our my first briefing here is check your retirement points clickability is only for the United States Air Force Reserve Component including the reserves Air Force Reserves their national guard and a GRS the reason for this is because you need to check your own military personnel system and the Army Navy I don't have accents asked access to their points and this uses virtual MPF step number one is to go to virtual MPF and you can find this via the Air Force portal which should be your home page when you click on internet explorer when you're on your government computer number two you're going to click on self-service actions and I've highlighted that with a red arrow and the grip and the red box number three is you're gonna click on personal data Music number four you're gonna click on a and G USAF our point credit summary inquiry also known as P cars so from now on I'll actually call it P cars so if you hear me use that term go ahead and remember this is where it is next thing we're gonna do is click on service history the next thing that's gonna pop up is this screen this is actually my service history everyone should have something that looks fairly basic to this one there's a few things to know over on the left that I'll explain but I just want to give you a basic understanding of what you're looking for on this one the from date through date 24 mine 27 August through 26 August that is my anniversary here I enlisted in the United States Air Force back in 1998 I sign my paperwork in August so that is my anniversary day everyone out there probably has a different date this only updates on your anniversary year so my anniversary year this the last time this was updated if you look at the way at the bottom it says total points occurred through 26 August 2022 so right.


How would retirement pay work going from Army Reserve to Active Duty?
For one thing, you begin collecting Reserve retired pay at age 60 not 63 and collect as early as age 55 if you have been mobilized after 2022. You can deduct 3 months from age 60 for every 90 days mobilized or deployed since 2009.Any active duty time like AIT, basic training and any annual training performed will adjust your basic active service date, so that does count towards your 20 year retirement active duty retirement.Your weekend drills days gets added on the back end after you have completed 20 years of active federal service (AFS). 48 drills (4 points per weekend drill) x 3 year is about 5 months roughly, so retire with 20 years afs, they would pay you for 20 years 5 months of service.The 3 years od reserve time counts for longevity raises. E4 over 4 years, etc.
How do I get out of army reserve?
Well, you could just run, and never look back. Keep going. Forever. Well, for a little while at least.The real question is why can't you make one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year part of your life? Thats only 170 days out of the year, and I'd be surprised if that were the actual schedule.Anyways, that gives you another 195 days a year to do what ever you want. Lol.(Incase you missed it, that's the most polite way I know how to say u2018suck it upu2019).
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