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Cg-4700 (12/17) Form: What You Should Know

CG-8015 Application for Individual Life As You Know It (LAW) from the Department of Homeland Security/Border Security and PPC/RAS. Purpose: The Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center will use this information to establish the pay, annuity, and death annuity for active duty Coast Guard members and annuitants. Form CG-8015 , Individual Life As You Know It (LAW) Application Establishing your annuity: Note: To receive the annuity, a new Form CG-1135, Qualified Annual Separation, has to be filed. Purpose: The Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center will use this information to establish the pay, annuity and death annuity for active duty Coast Guard members and annuitants. FormCG-1135 RAS (FAS) Certified Letters of Intent (CLI's): CGC's office will now accept and process letters of intent filed on or after October 1, 2018. Pay and Personnel Center (PPC) Use this link to download the Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center (PPC) Unified Benefit Portal for the Coast Guard (CG-3311), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), State and local governments (CG-2820), and U.S. Postal Service (CG-1120). Download Unified Portal Use the chart below to determine if you are eligible for one of the benefits on this PPC web page. Note: If you have multiple pay periods with the same employer, please use the chart below to determine which benefits you are eligible for. Benefits Available Please review the chart below to determine if you are eligible for the following benefits on the Unified Portal. Note: The chart below only shows which types of benefits a current member is eligible for after the Coast Guard completed initial processing. To determine if you are eligible for other benefits after initial processing, please review the form CG-4401, Special Pay and Allowances Chart. Note: The chart below only shows your monthly pay amount. It is the amount that a current member receives each month. It is important that you use the chart below to accurately estimate your monthly pay after the Coast Guard determines whether you are eligible for benefits or continue to receive the prior pay as a member of the Coast Guard.

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FAQ - Cg-4700 (12/17)

How do we know the eligibility to fill out Form 12 BB?
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first of all this time improvement form will be available in 3rd week of October.when the form is available then you have to open that link and fill your board roll no. and year of passing. after that you have to verify your details and then it will ask which subjects you want to apply for improvement. in this you can choose all subjects or a particular subject of your choice then you have to pay some amount for the improvement form. i think you have to generate a challan and pay it in a bank after that you have to send some documents to cbse regional office. the documents are your acknowledgement page, 12th marksheet xerox ,challan xerox then you have to download your admit card which will be available in month of February. you will get your marksheet at your address by post so please fill the correct address in form because according to that you will get the exam centre and regional office .
How can I fill out the income tax return of the year 2016-17 in 2018?
There is no option to file online return but you can prepare an offline return and went to the officer of your jurisdiction income tax commissioner and after his permission you can file the return with his office.
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