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Reminder: if your retirement date is on or after 1 january, , as of

To help clarify the process between a CG-4700, a PPC, and the NOAA Retired Pay Checkbox, CG-4700 Form has been updated. We recommend that you have your PPC processed before we do the processing for you.  Posted by at 10:32 PM The PPC needs to be a part of the plan. The Coast Guard, PHS, and NOAA are not looking for your money, they have a budget, and they need to balance it. If you know of anything you can add to the plan, then add it to the post. But they need some money in the budget.

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This is not an action required by the IRS as the IRS has not issued any retroactive regulations concerning the use of Form CG-4700. To obtain current information regarding the IRS retroactively adjusting or reissue regulations, please go to, click on Internal Revenue Code, then the link for Code 6011. You may also call the IRS toll-free, at, to obtain a written copy or see their website at. Please be aware: Do not send cash or certified checks to PCP and check (made payable to the United States government) to a PPC/RAS. It is your responsibility to notify PCP/RAS of your retirement or annuity plans or to provide proof of the plan. There are two payment methods: Cash, certified check, Visa or MasterCard, and direct bank deposit. For more details and restrictions, read IRS Publication 521, Guide for Employers. Retirement Benefits You must have retired or retired (retired on the effective.

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Description: The CG-4700 retired pay account will be established in the name of H. David Young. Signed by the Secretary of the Navy March 7, 1982. (As amended Apr. 29, 1986, Jun. 30, 2005, Jan. 19, 2009, Apr. 29, 2011, Mar. 1, 2015, Jun. 30, 2015, and Mar.

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Check off each employee to whom this applies for, including you, the employee, the spouse and dependent children, who are all members of your spouse's or dependent children's household of record, and you are the spouse or dependent children's present head. If the pay to which this applies is more than for you, your spouse, your dependent children and you, the employee, the spouse, the dependent children, the employee's dependent children, and you are the spouse or dependent children's present head, you must also include each employee and each spouse and dependent child who becomes an account holder of this account. The account can be accessed by the person to whom it is given or by all current and retired officers and former officer and former member of the Coast Guard who are entitled to use this account under the Coast Guard Retirement Pay and Retiree Health Care Plan. If.

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If you did not already get a survivor benefit plan (SSP)  or are currently in process of obtaining one, follow these instructions from Coast Guard to get the proper information. If you were eligible and did not receive a survivor benefit (I made that mistake - thank you!) then please send us the completed form, signed by you and your beneficiaries, to our PO Box at: The Office of Compensation and Benefits- Coast Guard Criminal Background Check (This is a free service provided by the US Department of Homeland Security) The criminal background check is used to determine if people are eligible to work in the United States and how they should be treated. It must confirm the applicant's legal status, citizenship, age, employment, immigration status, criminal record and citizenship (and any visa requirements that would otherwise apply), in full. No exceptions.  I do not believe I am eligible to work in the US due to.